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Rigging & Machinery Moving Projects

Here is a collection of a few notable rigging services and machinery moving projects that Industrial Plant Service has recently completed. Take a glimpse at these brief case studies to familiarize yourself with the quality rigging services work that Industrial Plant Service provides our customers. Our expert riggers and machinery movers are the among the most highly trained and professional industrial services riggers in the machinery moving industry. Rigging service safety is our highest priority, and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction in the machinery moving service industry.

Chiller Removal

Industrial Plant Service was tasked to remove a 120,000 lb chiller from a large steel mill. IPS riggers disconnected all attached plumbing, then used a jack to elevate the chiller in order to place skates beneath it. Industrial Plant Service then proceeded to skate this machine throughout the steel mill, around many obstacles with only inches on each side. IPS then placed road plates along the mill parking lot to skate this machine outside. We then hoisted this machine with both of our 80,000 lbs Riggers Special forklifts, with attached booms. The chiller was then placed on our low boy trailer and hauled away.

Vacuum Press Assembly

Industrial Plant Service assembled this brand new 12,500 ton, multi-million dollar vacuum press. In this picture you can view our team installing one of the six 60,000 lb cylinders. This type of machine does not come with assembly instructions. It takes a team of experienced, expert riggers to come together and calculate a rigging plane to construct this vacuum press safely, smoothly, and on budget. Industrial Plant Service built this press in it's entirety, from the ground up with precision accuracy.

Press Brake Removal

Industrial Plant Service removed this 150 ton press brake from a machine shop. We elevated this machine with two Hyster 15,000 lb forklifts with hydraulic boom attachments. We then loaded this machine on our trailer to transport it back to our warehouse for storage. This press brake was located in a very tightly spaced machine shop, making removal difficult. The expert riggers at Industrial Plant Service made this removal look simply, navigating tight turns and a very narrow doorway to remove this press brake with ease.

Milling Machine Installation

Industrial Plant Service installed this new Hass VF6 CNC milling machine in a very small machine shop. This particular machine shop did not have a ground level loading entrance, so we had to improvise. We placed this machine on our Landoll trailer, equipped with dock levelers, to perfectly align and level the machine with their loading dock. IPS then proceeded to this machine off of our trailer and through a very narrow door, with less than an inch to spare on each side. Once inside, we had to navigate this machine through tight turns in a very small area. The IPS team of expert machinery movers completed this job with ease, and safely of course. This machine was set properly without any damage.

Boring Mill Installation

IPS installed this vertical Boring Mill in a local machine shop. We transported this on our low boy trailer to it's new home. Once the boring mill was off of our trailer, we placed this machine on skates in order to transport it throughout the machine shop. Our team of experts developed a safe and efficient plan to move this 70,000 lb machine, and jack and block it down into a 4 foot deep pit until the table was level with the floor.

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